Fitness Goal Achieved!

So, for my first fitness goal alls I wanted was to get back to my old mile time, which was always under seven minutes. AND today, finally achieved.  So I am very excited and motivated.  Setting small and large goals for yourself is always a great way to keep motivation running.  Yesterday, I didn’t even have the desire to workout and unfourtunately, I had a rough eating day.  But, today I feel much better after completeing a mile time of 6 minutes and 57 seconds.  This goal reached will keep me motivated for awhile! 🙂



Seeking Stories!

Thought I’d do some last minute blogging before I start class!

Well, anyways had a good morning, weighed in at 147.8 today. Seems like a slight change, but every change should be celebrated.

I know I am new to this blog, but if anybody decides they like this blog or have some constructive criticism, please let me know.  I am also ALWAYS interested in any personal stories or inspirational thoughts.  I can share them on this blog, or if you want to keep them private it is still great to keep me motivated.

Also, if anyone has any tips on how to get this blog out that would be wonderful.  I think I have a great idea for this blog, if I can learn how to get the word out about it.  I want to make this more than the regular fitness blog. Hopefully, if my readers grow I can turn this into an interactive space for sharing stories and inspiration.

So, please leave comments and let me know what you think.

Thanks for your help, A.C.



Okay guys,

Anyone interested in desserts that are actually healthy for you? I know I am.  I found this website on accident and I am already in love.  SOOO many yummy recipies. I have tried two so far, but they were unbelievable AND BOTH UNDER 100 CALORIES :). WOW, life does make since. They even have a recipie for single serving healthy cupcakes.  AH-mazing. Anyways the address is

Enjoy, A.C.

Cardio AND Strength

And for my first tip, I’m going to talk about something my high school gym teacher taught me, why it is important to do both cardio and strength training.  Cardio is great and so are weights, but together they are like a super power. Cardio boosts your metabolism and heart rate directly after, which burns calories and fat. On the other hand, building muscles, through hitting the weights, keeps your metabolic rate higher for much longer. Your body will fight harder to keep the muscles in your body growing. When looking at overall fitness goals, both are key to suceeding.

Damn Those Vending Machines!

Just when I thought I was having a good healthy day, I decided to get a snack to sit through my three hour summer class. I walked over to the vending machines and my first choice was great, bottled water. I then chose to get a little snack, I mean there has to be something good and healthy in there, right? WRONG. Inside those vending machines there was not one healthy snack. It was filled with chips, cookies, and more sugary stuff. After searching the machine, I quickly succomed to temptation and bought chips. 😦 Which brings me to two points.

1. Vending machines should supply atleast some healthy snacks.  Nobody is forcing anybody to eat the healthy snacks, but it would be a great option.

2. Even when you make a bad choice, DON’T give up.  It’s okay, we all do it. We are all going to make a bad choice or have a bad day every once in a while. That isn’t what’s important on our individual journeys. We have to pick ourselves up afterwards and try to figure out how not to do it again.

Pictured: The Culprit

That fitness tip is still coming later, no worries.



Day 1

Good Afternoon!

Weighed in at 148.4 pounds today. Not too bad. Made some healthy breakfast and lunch choices so far. Worked on some abs and core activities today. Planning on going for a late night run (ONLY recommened if residing in a safe neighborhood (: ) ANYWAYS, today feels like a good day.

Later tonight I’ll post a healthy Fitness and Diet Tip!

Enjoy the rest of your day and get a good workout in, A.C.

Starting Out!

Well, Hello There Here is a little background: I started my unofficial journey standing at 5’7 and weighing 160 pounds. A year later, I have lost 10 of those pounds and am still aspiring to lose another 15. This sounds like a small feat, but trust me it has not been easy.  I started the weight loss on a diet alone, fearing the excericise and that awful salty tasting stuff, that comes from your pores. But more recently I have decided to take a more rational approach.  I have decided to add excercise to my lifestyle change. This will be a blog of my journey to fitness and healthier choices.

Truly, A.C.